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A Vocational Project for People with Special Needs A City & Guilds Approved Centre
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Our Mission Statement

To empower intellectually disabled adolescents and adults by providing a relevant and inclusive education that prepares them for employment and independence within the community.

Enjoy our recent video, giving you just a glimpse of Sunshine Project's
vocational training and happy activities in action:


Sunshine Zimbabwe Project was established in 2011 to provide education and vocational training to adolescents and adults who are intellectually and developmentally challenged.  Staff include management, teachers and volunteers.

This project was developed in response to a need for a facility to cater for school leavers from special schools. We provide relevant and inclusive education, preparing them for employment if possible, and for integration into the community.

Our programme includes life skills and promoting work ethics. Activities include sewing, cookery, carpentry, sport, music, art, gardening and IT.

The Centre provides a safe and happy environment where the members can learn social skills as well as continue their education.  Annual events such as birthdays are celebrated, visits are arranged to restaurants and shopping trips are undertaken.

Each individual member’s abilities are assessed, and the activities undertaken are structured to continuously improve their skills. Staff and volunteers endeavour to ensure that members have as successful and useful a life as possible. 

Income generation projects, such as making dog biscuits, give the members a feeling of worth.  We are grateful to companies who provide piece work and work experience for our members.

More such opportunities are urgently required.


Making lunch with the vegetables that we have grown ourselves
is always so much more fun!
Right - Our garlic is growing so well!

Below: Carpentry in action.

Sunshine-project-carpentry Sunshine-project-carpentry Sunshine-project-carpentry-2 Sunshine-project-carpentr
On 14 June, a second group from Sunshine Project went on an exciting visit to Wild is Life. They had a wondeful time! Sunshine-project-wild-is-life-visit
Sunshine-project-wild-is-life-visit Sunshine-project-wild-is-life-visit
Sunshine-project-wild-is-life-visit-4 Sunshine-project-wild-is-life-visit-

Fun with hoop jumping at Sunshine Project!

Sunshine-project-fun-with-hoop-jumps Sunshine-project-fun-with-hoop-jumps-2

So much fun, with Valentine's Day celebrations, 2022


A wonderful 2021 Christmas Party was enjoyed by all at Sunshine Project.

Sunshine Zimbabwe Project participates in Jerusalema Dance Challenge

The Jerusalema Dance Challenge took Zimbabwe and the world by storm with its infectious music and dance moves during 2020.

The special people of Sunshine Zimbabwe Project didn’t want to be left out and we hope you will enjoy our contribution - click the picture at right to watch our video! Through this process everyone at Sunshine shared so much fun, laughter, achievement and discovered skills and dancing talent we never knew we had. We would like to dedicate this to all those who so generously support us, year after year, ensuring we can continue to provide a happy and secure place for our very special members.

Thank you to the Incredibly talented South African artists Master KG and Nomcebo for inspiring so many around the world and unifying our country that so badly needed its spirits lifted.

Click the screenshot below to see our delightful video of the special people of Sunshine Zimbabwe Project enjoying themselves, in all sorts of settings during their normal day, taking part in the Jerusalema Dance Challenge.

Our Programmes
  • Development and implementation of individual education programmes;
  • Teaching of basic skills in literacy and numeracy;
  • Computer training;
  • Comprehensive life skills programme including personal, social and emotional development;
  • Bocce, tennis, horse riding, yoga, golf, art and music;
  • Cookery, gardening and household skills;
  • Development of income generating craft and cottage industry products;
  • Promotion of appropriate work ethics culminating in work experience within the community or on site at Sunshine Project;
  • Manufacture of Waggles Pet Biscuits and Sunshine Homemade Foods including jams, chutneys, pickles and Sunshine Suppers.

Healthy Waggles Pet Biscuits are made by students within the Sunshine Project.

They are sold at Sunshine, as well as
at various Harare
Veterinary outlets.


Sunshine-project-horse-riding-lessons Sunshine Students enjoy their horse-riding lessons which take place at a professional riding school.


How YOU can help in these efforts to
'put a little sunshine into someone’s life'...

Run by a small staff and a dedicated band of skilled volunteers, Sunshine Zimbabwe Project relies on the generous support of individuals, corporates, trusts, foundations, and the community as a whole. There a number of ways to get involved in the important work we do at Sunshine.

Your donations will go a long way in helping Sunshine to make a difference in the lives of those with learning disabilities.
Donate once, donate regularly, donate in memory of a loved one. It all helps!
Donate ingredients for the manufacture of Waggles Pet Biscuits or materials used in making our craft and other products.

Corporate Social Responsibility/Partnerships

When you partner with Sunshine Zimbabwe Project, you demonstrate your Corporate Social Responsibility towards the disadvantaged in society. Sunshine Zimbabwe Project is committed to establishing, maintaining and growing strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our valued partners.
Sponsor a Student Initiative
Your marketing and community objectives can be aligned with us through sponsoring student tuition fees monthly, quarterly or annually.
Volunteer and employment opportunities for students
We will work with you to find a student whose skills and capabilities match your organisational requirements. We can provide ongoing support for any skill gaps you may find during their attachment in your organisation.
Supplying in-kind goods and services
Donate goods, services or activities; your company could provide an end of term visit with activities for our students at your premises; or donate trophies and prizes for our Annual Graduation and Carol Concert; there are endless other possiblities; just talk to us!
Be visible at our Sunshine Kids’ Classic Annual Event
This event is an opportunity to let the community know you care for the disadvantaged in society. Sponsor prizes, goodie bags, food and entertainment at this event. We will hang your banners to increase your corporate visibility at the event.
Our lives at Sunshine Zimbabwe Project are enriched by the valuable time and expertise of our volunteers. Volunteers support our students in achieving their goals in many different activities, such as the educational programme Distar, in art, music, sewing, cooking and much more.
We also appeal for forever support, in the form of bequests. Many of our students will never be able to lead an independent life. What happens when they are no longer able to support their special needs family member, is
a constant concern for parents and guardians.

So plug in and get involved! Join the Sunshine Zimbabwe Project Community!
Contact us now, if interested in any of the ideas above, or to partner with us:

+263 772 400 488; +263 282 886613; [email protected]

To Contact Sunshine Project Centre:

Centre Manager - Vivienne Jones

+263 772 400 488; +263 282 886613

[email protected]

Administrator - Jade Jenkins

+263 784 896 749

[email protected]

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Get involved -

and put a little Sunshine into someone’s life...

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