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Sunshine Zimbabwe Project was established in 2011 to provide education and vocational training to adolescents and adults who are intellectually and developmentally challenged.  

This project was developed in response to a need for a facility to cater for school leavers from special schools. We provide relevant and inclusive education, preparing them for employment if possible, and for integration into the community.

Our programme includes life skills and promoting work ethics. Activities include sewing, cookery, carpentry, sport, music, art, gardening and IT.

The Centre provides a safe and happy environment where the members can learn social skills as well as continue their education.  Annual events such as birthdays are celebrated, visits are arranged to restaurants and shopping trips are undertaken.

Each individual member’s abilities are assessed, and the activities undertaken are structured to continuously improve their skills. Staff and volunteers endeavour to ensure that members have as successful and useful a life as possible. 

Income generation projects, such as making dog biscuits, give the members a feeling of worth.  We are grateful to companies who provide piece work and work experience for our members.

More such opportunities are urgently required.

We appeal for forever support in the form of bequests, as many of the students will never be able to lead an independent life.

It is a constant concern for parents and guardians, as to what happens when they are no longer in a position to support their special needs family member.

We are run by a small staff and a dedicated band of skilled volunteers.


Donations in cash or kind are always greatly appreciated.

To Contact Us:

Centre Manager - Vivienne Jones

+263 772 400 488; +263 282 886613

Administrator - Jade Jenkins

+263 784 896 749

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