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Silver Linings Schools

Growing from nine Special Needs Students in 1995, we have built a Junior and Senior School in the grounds of Hellenic Primary School and Hellenic Academy, Harare.

The Nursery school offers early intervention and through to Senior School we cater for children from ages 3 to 18.

The ideal situation would be for all Special Needs students to be taught at a mainstream school, but this is rarely possible.

Our students, who wear the Hellenic school uniform, benefit by being able to interact with the Hellenic students who assist us at sports events and the swimming gala.

A specialised educational system is necessary for someone with disabilities be they medical, mental or psychological.

We are able to give students who are intellectually and developmentally challenged, and may have autism, Downs’s syndrome, or cystic fibrosis, to name a few, an individual needs-based education to achieve a high level of personal self-sufficiently.

Through Individual Education Plans, discussed between teachers and parents with a ratio of 1 teacher to 3.5 students, Silver Linings is able to deliver effective personalised learning not only for academic subjects, but also encompassing their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.


To Contact our Silver Linings Schools:

Headmistress - Nicolle Grant

Cell: +263 78 488 8728

email: [email protected]

Silver Linings School Seniors Camp


Our ultimate aim is for every student to fit into the society around them, enabling them to have a successful and fruitful life. 

Our training also lightens the burden on parents and families.  It is often not appreciated how siblings can be affected by a special needs person, and by teaching life skills we improve the quality of the entire family.

The most pressing need is for a large bus to enable us to take the students on outings.  Interacting with the community is a very important part of the student’s individual development, and day trips have to be taken with the utmost care and safety. 

There is always a requirement for bursaries or sponsorship of students.


At left - Our Headmistress, Nicolle Grant