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Harbour House
Residential Home and Special Needs Hub
Currently Under Construction
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To find out how YOU can help this exciting project reach fruition, and on target, scroll down now!
What happens to a Special Needs child when they finish their schooling?

Currently there is not one Special Needs Home in Zimbabwe.

Harbour House, located at 165 Coronation Avenue in Harare, is the solution, one which will dramatically enhance so many lives.

There, renovations are well underway. The aim is for the resulting Residential Home and Special Needs Hub to be operational by July 2021.

Here, students will safely be accommodated, be it required on a short term basis, or in instances where the parents or guardians are ill or need respite, or on a
long term basis. Or, in instances where a student's or member's family lives
out of town.

We intend that our residents will be accommodated in friendly surroundings, where they feel at home and comfortable with their peers.

Of course, in future we would expect our Silver Linings Trust projects to expand throughout Zimbabwe to every main centre.

The property is surrounded by established cluster homes, as shown by the aerial view at right. The Special Needs Hub will include the facilities shown in the aerial view below. Below right shows the former nursery school which will after refurbishment become the City & Guilds Education Centre.

Harbour-House-Special-Needs-Hub-Aerial-view Harbour-House-Silver-Linings-current-Nursery-school
Harbour-house-development-committee The Management Team is completely made up of volunteers, with all the specialised skills required for this Project.

None of the Silver Linings Board or Trustees are paid in any way for their work and assistance.

Performance Highlights:

  • Construction costs less than US$360 per square metre, thanks to building material donations of around US$60,000
  • Significant donations of FF&E
  • US$190,000 in Debentures received
  • US$120,000 long term loan received
  • 100% volunteer management

BUT we still need MORE HELP to complete this project.

Click HERE to read our latest Update Report on progress made in the Harbour House Project.

To Contact Us: Chief Executive Officer - Bill Annandale:

+263 772 444 555; email: [email protected]

Harbour-House-Cottage-Renovations-Complete Harbour-House-Driveway-to-be-resurfaced
Left, Harbour House Cottage, renovation complete, future 6 bed home. Above, Harbour House driveway will be resurfaced within the project.
Harbour-House-Cottage-under-renovation Harbour-House-Cottage-Driveway-complete Aerial-view-nursery-school-to-become-city-and-guilds-centre
Left: Harbour House Cottage while being renovated, Harbour House Driveway after being re-surfaced. Above: Aerial view of the former nursery school which will become the City and Guilds Education Centre.
Harbour House Project Timeline


How can YOU help with this important Project?

Click on the relevant icon below, for more, and for further details, or to indicate what you'd like to give, email the relevant person.

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For a document with detailed background information on our Special Needs Hub, who we are, what we do, what is needed, and how you can assist, click HERE.
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