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Our Team

The Silver Linings movement began in 1995 and continues to grow with the needs of our community. This is made possible by the generosity of those who donate in cash and kind to make our ambitious projects become a reality.

Harbour House is our response to the reality that in Zimbabwe there is no place for people with Special Needs to live, once they finish school. Located at 165 Coronation Avenue in Harare, this Residential Home and Speical Needs Hub, currently in-the-making, is the solution.

It will dramatically enhance so many lives. Renovations are underway, and we plan to be operational by July 2021.

Our management team is completely made up of volunteers, with all the specialised skills required for this project. None of the Silver Linings Board or Trustees are paid in any way for their work and assistance.

Bill Annandale started work with us in September 2019. He is supported by a Board with requisite specialised skills.

Each of our operational units is self-sufficient, and the Trust has no debt. We have repaid in full the historic Debenture holders.

Silver Linings Trust supports individuals from Nursery through to Secondary education. From an initial group of seven Special Needs children at Barwick School in 2002, the Silver Linings Trust initiatives currently support 124 members assisted by 41 staff.


What happens to a Special Needs child when they finish their schooling? Currently there is not one Special Needs home in Zimbabwe.
It is time to take on some debt to progress Silver Linings to the next stage. When the Harbour House Project is complete, this need will at last be met.


Nursery school-to-be-converted-to-City-and-Guilds-Centre

Above: Carpentry lessons through the Sunshine Project
and an aerial view of the former nursery school which will become the new City and Guilds Education Centre.

To Contact Us: CEO Bill Annandale: +263 772 444 555; [email protected]

Head of International Relations: Angela Jenkins: +263772 466 683; [email protected]

Silver Linings Trust Deed Number: MA0000566/09

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